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Philips TV. Looks better.

Let Philips TV move you. The Ambilight technology and European Design create a unique TV experience. Your living room will come to life. Spectacular sharpness shows every detail on the screen. The richest colour palette creates pictures like you have never seen before. European Premium Design at its best adds style and sophistication to your interior. Presented in an astonishing Ambilight atmosphere, everything just looks better. Be careful though: once turned on, there is no turning back…

Ambilight: Making your TV come alive

Experience realism beyond the screen and let Philips Ambilight transform your room into the perfect setting. Through vibrant and ambient lighting effects that surround the screen, Ambilight makes your TV experience better than you could ever imagine.

European Premium Design: A unique visual experience

Every inch of a Philips TV showcases innovation. Boasting European craftsmanship using the highest possible quality materials; each TV is meticulously crafted for an effortlessly enhancing premium finish. Your TV experience just got so much better.

The perfect picture – made better

A fully immersive experience both in and out of the screen crafted by our award winning engineers. An advanced aesthetic journey, natural in contrast and rich in colour that intensifies everything in sight. Along with the astonishing Ambilight effect, Philips takes UHD to a whole new level.
Hello! Meet our 2017 top picks.

9002 OLED

World’s only 4K OLED series with Ambilight

Take a journey that goes far beyond the detail of the screen. Built with European premium craftsmanship, the Philips 9002 OLED TV offers breathtaking 4K Ultra HD resolution and picture perfection with the P5 Engine. Make your TV experience better by bringing your whole room to life.

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Ignite your senses

When European design meets Ambilight; elegance meets beauty. The Philips 7502 series provides every detail in its purest form through its 4K Ultra HD picture. Unleash a bigger world with a vivid, pixel precise picture, and an articulation of sound that betters your TV experience through quality beyond your imagination.

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European precision with versatile design

Experience the floating look with the Philips 6482 series 4K Ultra Slim LED TV, and add to your lifestyle with a better TV experience. Possessing stunning resolution, it’s easy to get lost with Pixel Plus Ultra HD within the comfort of your own home.

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Turn on the possibilities

Lose yourself in the precision of 4K Ultra HD - a picture resolution you’ll have never seen before. And with an uncompromised sound clarity, as well as the wonders of Ambilight; you’ll be treated to the complete viewing experience.

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