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The Philips TV AmbiExperience is coming your way!

Be prepared for a total colour immersion at the Philips TV AmbiExperience! This spring, Philips TV is coming to five locations across Europe. In a see-through, stylishly decked-out living room, you can experience the wonders of Ambilight on the new Philips TV 2017 collection. Participate in a simulated Escape room game. Or hang out with YouTube vloggers on special occasions.

And guess what? Visit the AmbiExperience and you can even win your own Philips OLED TV with Ambilight!

Where and when?

The Philips TV AmbiCube tours across Europe this summer and visits a spot near you, too! See the full program of each our stops. Join the Facebook events below, so you don’t miss any of our updates.

Stockholm, Sweden | May 18-21 | Link to Facebook event coming soon Image title

Berlin, Germany | June 1-4 | Link to Facebook event coming soon Image title

Warsaw, Poland | Link to Facebook event coming soon Image title

Paris, France | June 14-18 | Link to Facebook event coming soon Image title

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Link to Facebook event coming soon Image title

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Philips TV. Looks better.

Let Philips TV move you. The Ambilight technology and European Design create a unique TV experience. Your living room will come to life. Presented in an astonishing Ambilight atmosphere, everything just looks better. Be careful though: once turned on, there is no turning back…

Making your TV come alive

Through vibrant and ambient lighting effects that surround the screen, Ambilight makes your TV experience better than you could ever imagine.

European Premium Design:
A unique visual experience

Boasting European craftsmanship using the highest possible quality materials; each TV is meticulously crafted for an effortlessly enhancing premium finish.

The perfect picture
made better

An advanced aesthetic journey, natural in contrast and rich in colour that intensifies everything in sight. Our engineers take picture quality to a whole new level.
Hello! Meet our 2017 top picks.

9002 OLED

World’s only 4K OLED series with Ambilight

More info on 9002 OLED


Ignite your senses

More info on 7502



European precision with versatile design

More info on 6482



Turn on the possibilities

More info on 6412


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Final products and services are subject to change and may vary per TV model and country